Singularities of Territories

Diploma Work : Singularity of Territory


This final work at school is a research project about Web 3.0 and Urban Analyzed considering actual transformation of our society with news communication technology. Nowadays leading teacher Twefic Hamoudi is directing the laboratory "Morpholab" inside the Architecture School of Nantes.

Before to invent a Smart city we should be smart enough to look on it !


How to approach the complexity of Urban and such a connected society ?

That's finally the question that was proposed to explore during six mouth at Architecture School of Nantes on a collective and continuous project that last for more than 6 years. The idea is to create a model that work as a tool to map our concept and at the same time data we have about it. At the end comes different kind of maps and graph analyzed that can describe territories and their singularity.

 Approach Complexity...

... mean to be able to cross various aspect and bring people knowledge together to understand all aspect of the question. Hours and hours of reading, searching information to finally understand various aspect of the question, the recent history of computing science and it's terminology : meta-languages, information/energy/material, open-source, information theory, theories of the global acceleration, network, environment and complex model analyses ...

An hollistic descriptive model

The model that had been invented last 3 years aim to describe all kind of specific characteristic about cities and human kind. It's at same time a way to describe and to organized the large amount of data available on the internet. The model divide concepts by a relation of inclusion, firstly in three different branch : nature/culture/humankind. Then come more precise concept that are a specification of the previous one.

Common Langage to speak

One of the actual question on the web and for the W3 group is to invent new kind of data language that can able inter-connectivity and inter-operationality. That come with the semantic web or web 3.0 that is indeed a makup language using consistent and natural vocabulary. To share information there is that need to understand that why we need the same language. Information on internet is only useful if you have idea of what it is related to and you need for that an annotation.

International operability

The international, planet wide answer is simply to create simple way to name thing and identify then in a unic way. We had URL and now we have URI that stand for Universal Resource Identificator. That mean that for example any object that exist in the 'reality' can have a ID and vocabulary to describe it . With that came Web Ontology that are more and more various and where the vocabulary is extremely large. Open Street Map is also using that system.

Proof Test Application

In order to test the power of this technology I applied it to Nantes Metropolis area and gather information that are free by European Law. Some of them where available in semantic web format. The all actual model was to complex and wide to directly apply this technology to it but enough clear to start to build a test proof model.

Please forget functionalism ...

Above is standing a dynamic analyzed that synthesis governance from study to project. This scheme is actual  inspire from Sir Patrick Geddes, botanist and geographer from Edinburgh has conceptualized pretty well an holistic and participate approach to support urban evolution and to point out diverse territorial issue. This clever conceptualization old by a century had never been hear or apply. No indeed we just have the casual functionalist approach as in 30. With green (high-tech) and security policy but still pretty much functionalist.

Connection with the place

Request on external host in SPARQL to get project location and budget financed by Nantes Municipality and linked by a line to the company location. This enable to observe what company are connected to Nantes public budgeting. For example we observe that almost all of public market stay inside Loire Atlantic Region expect for some media company located in Paris. This could for example help to understand how local are project and if economy is circular or not. Understanding connection and influences is a necessity to explain or regulate cities.

Mediatic side of urban development

Media-revue mapping show the concentration of article that were published by Nantes Metropolis for two different magazine. As expected the Ile of Nantes is an extreme point of interest. Branding city are a global phenomena but do we forget about other part of Nantes Metropolis ? 

Media and Project : branding case and what ?

Correlation Map between article and recent architectural project : are article in city developer magazine and new project construction matching ? Blue color for yes and Purple for divergent correlation : construction without article.

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