Competences & Philosophy

Architectural project

First, establish a dialogue with the ''client'' to approach the programmatic aspect of the project according to the place and its environment. Secondly, imagine concepts about form of life in a physical archetype, wall, windows, door and roof. Finally, adapt to local rules and provide the documentation in order to get authorization to access the construction phase.

Urban Study and Territorial analyses

At a larger scale, analyses involve global aspect of the economy and its regulation. From the metropolitan situation and regional interaction to the local economy. This should be lead by multiple professionals and specialists as geographers, urban planners, architects and developers in order to articulate long term strategy and local project for neighbourhoods.

Render, Insertion, Poster

A good picture can say more than a thousand words. Infographic, interaction tool and render can capture the essence of a project from the functional explication to the particular atmosphere. "Photoshop" is a magic tool for transforming a basic render into a lively piece of art to communicate your architectural dream!


When starting to work on a project I use photography as an inspiration and reference for further project stages - this helps to immerse in the site and its surroundings. My personal photo database is considerable therefore I have learned to manipulate a camera and understand various conditions for creating a good photography. Furthermore, I have also had the opportunity to work on magazine articles and present my work to a larger audience.


Urban Programming

Urban planning is a science that embraces the widest range of fields from architecture and public space design to municipal policies and entrepreneurship. Cities are our common environment concentrating wealth inside a larger territory and it's easy to understand why "notion of public space" and "common good" are important if we want to achieve efficient evolution of our cities without forgetting the region that feeds it. Urban development policy should provide creative solutions that synthesize those aspects while urbanism tends to be wrongly perceived as "green functionalism".

A Good map is a better tool than a complex speech: the simplicity of the scheme, the translation of the essence of a concept into a different scale, urban sociology, crowd sourcing mapping...

Lecture and Conference

Having studied for 8 years - first engineering then architecture and urban planning - I am used to develop strong concepts and combine various topics and study fields into my work. I am also interested in philosophy as a means to come up with a good question at first, and then hopefully find a good answer. 

I have based my master thesis on the global economy of recent metropolitan celebrations such as the European Capital of Culture. However, my diploma work allows me to explore other fields of knowledge that would focus on actual urban and civic challenges of BigData aiming for a better transparency and universal access to resources for contemporary urban planning. In order to reach a holistic point of view and it's synthesis I had to read about various topics, including art, history, new technology, urban sociology, economy and municipal policy...