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Kevin Josse - State Architect

Master Degree at the National Architecture School of Nantes - France.




Even for architects who are "planning" a "project" their methodology is at first a "process". My process is about the evaluation of desire and opportunity by understanding the possible scenario for life, according to authorities, with clients, and of course in close relation with the existing environment and at different scale. Architecture is about organizing space that host moment of life, and so my process also include the first dimension of space : "time".

At same time working for companies based in Latvia I'm searching private client open to audacious and original idea. My project are based in France and Latvia.

Don't hesitate to contact me by mail at to fix a skype meeting.



Même pour les architectes qui "planifient" des "projets" leur méthodologie est avant tout un procédé. Mon processus s'attache à évaluer au mieux les opportunités du lieux et du programme pour élaborer le scénario des différents moment d'un lieu. Ils s'agit de faire des rêves, des possibles tout en travaillant avec les autorités et les règles, le client et son projet et dans une relation étroite avec l'environnement. L'architecture, c'est organiser l'espace où les moments de vie prennent lieu, et ainsi mon processus inclut la première des dimensions de l'espace, le temps.

Tout en travaillant pour des compagnies basées en Lettonie, je suis à la recherche de particuliers qui sont ouverts d'esprits et à la recherche d'idées originales. Mes projets sont basés en Lettonie et en France.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter par email @ et établir un rendez-vous skype.


My Last Project

Presentation 7 august

Mix used building project for ArhStadija – Riga

Mix Used Function Building   Project realized within the agency Arhstadija @Riga. Main idea is the superposition of both function : working and living. Aesthetic inspiration come from the...

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This short video was made during the construction of the fictive "urban moving theatre" project. It stand for a mediation object in public space. 0 Euro but some hours...

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International European Architecture Assembly – Workshop

International European Architecture Assembly 2012 - Workshop @ Helsinki Recorde the environnement ! That what's more or less the topic we enjoy working on during two weeks and within...

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by night21h14

Art school in Daugaupils – Competition

Coming Soon

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Singularities of Territories

Diploma Work : Singularity of Territory   This final work at school is a research project about Web 3.0 and Urban Analyzed considering actual transformation of our society with...

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Riga’s courtyard

A pair of shoes and curiosity. Inside Riga's Courtyard.  Not totaly public but not totaly private. Those "between" place are a room for urban socialization. Offering at same time...

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The urban moving theater @ Istanbul city

Theatre to explore Urban Condition This is the second representation we did concerning Istanbul urbanization case. Again, very narrative way to present a project but this time it was...

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Ligne 1 – Shortmovie

 Ligne 1 "Going back home. Tired, I'm looking by the windows. This urban ritual is hypnotic, I don’t try to resist and imagine ... "   This short movie...

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Narrative Process – The story of Eyup @ Istanbul

What if theater could be as an urban tool to develop narrative scenario ? Istanbul, the city that was going too fast ... that could had been the title...

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gentrification case2

Gentrification in Western Countries – Infography

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Istanbul, Artist speak about Gezi strike.

Journey in crazy Istanbul and Short interview with the Turkish Artist Ozay on the spot. Recent event of occupy moment in Taksim square have bring this artist to express...

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Bauwelt Magasine Publication

Photo publication with the famous German Architecture Magazine : Bauwelt Riga is rich ! At least about this architectural heritage. This summer 213, it was a pleasure, to wake...

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Workshop 5X5 @ Riga – Lead by Jorge Lobos

 5x5 Workshop "Purviciem Case @ Riga" 5X5 Workshop was organized by Jorges Lobos, architect based in Danemark, developing project around human right and how architecture and architect can...

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bird view

BioClimatic Concept for a School in Turkey

Isover competition @ Turkey /  Counter project : BioClimatic Concept for a School A primary school is not an office, a church or a temple of knowledge. It’s a...

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What is a public space ?

What is a public space ? I propose to experiment a fresh view (new watch) and generate a «no-where place». After understanding, the critical situation of this territory at...

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urban density

Morpho Study – Interpretation and Generation

 Morphological Analyse & Representation          As for other of my work and experiment this video is extract and made from 3D software 3DSmax but all morphological...

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1Urban Acupunctusfsefsfshjklr

Urban Acupuncture

"Jēkaba un Pokrova kapi" Landscape Project taking place in the cemetery of Riga within the frame describe by "European institution for safety environment", Urban Institute and RTU architecture and...

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Landscape in Saint-Nazaire – France

Landscape in Saint-Nazaire - France This project take place in Saint-Nazaire in France. The site is a westland inbetween the main transport axes ledding to the city center and...

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Dwelling Houses : A complex border with Autoway

Multi-Function : Dwelling and Office In Zundas Kanals - RIGA   This project was realized within the frame of my ERAMUS year in Riga, at RTU architecture faculty. It...

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Furniture design and 3D rendering before presentation

Wooden texture with painting on it > bump map with wooden texture bitmap

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situation extrem

Condition Extreme

Condition Extreme Container-ships’ size as well as sea transport keeps expanding. As the result, ports of the Atlantic Coast are saturated. Our solution is to organize one mega-port off...

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PowerPoint Presentation

Creative Furniture / Children Playground

Funky Hooboos By taking a look at basic children’s playground the custom, primary colors and similarity caught my eye. We decided to edit a creative and entertaining furniture for...

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vue du bas

Dwelling House Complex / Duplex

School Group Project : Dwelling complex /// Personal Project : Duplex Apartment  @ Nantes, 2011 Planning from urban to building scale we establish a large variety of apartment regarding...

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kevin et xl

Wastland – Landscape intervention

WASTLAND Intervention in Saint Nazaire, France. Landscape transformation on site project.    1 Visit and Found a site.* 2 Understand and imagine how to transform it. 3 Pick some...

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Imagine – Drawing 120×70, 2009

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